Operational Resilience Maturity Assessment

TORI has developed a proprietary Operational Resilience Maturity Assessment. This tool indicates the state of maturity and reports on what needs to be done to achieve conformance.

Whilst it is clear that any framework for Operational Resilience is predicated upon a clear, accurate and complete identification of "critical operations and important business services" (as per regulatory guidance), TORI believe that this is simply the starting point and that a more mature approach requires encompassing additional views. 

The TORI diagnostic tool includes 10 components, which represent these views and poses key questions to assess the maturity of those components, or to identify gaps. We believe that a framework incorporating these components which are robust and effective, is the evidence needed to demonstrate mature Operational Resilience.

Team TORI 

Contents - Executive Summary

Operational Resilience Maturity Assessment

  1. TORI perspective on Operational Resilience
  2. TORI's Operational Resilience Maturity Assessment Tool
  3. Delivery: tooling
  4. Example outputs
  5. TORI has a comprehensive suite of tools to accelerate delivery of OR
  6. TECAM process design and control
  7. Selected case studies