CSDR Smart Paper 

CSDR doesn't need to be unsettling! At TORI, we're helping our clients prepare for the CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime which comes into effect on 1st February 2022. 

As part of that process we have created a Smart Paper to ensure that your preparations for addressing settlement fails are on track. 

The CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime will have a significant impact on firms globally. Its effects range from trading and contractual arrangements to NAV processing. It introduces exceptions into processes that are currently automated alongside new, manual processes. Proper preparation is essential. This paper looks at the processing challenges that SDR brings and offers solutions to address them.


1. Introduction 
2. CSDR Settlement Discipline Definitions 
3. February 2022 - New Business Activities 
        - Penalty interest processing 
        - Mandatory buy-in processing 

4. Essential Preparations 
5. Reducing the number, value, and duration of fail 
6. Processing Penalty Interest 
7. Processing Mandatory Buy-ins 
8. About TORI